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Just got a new smart phone? New to the mobile world? Don't know where to start? Here are some FAQ that you may find useful. If you have other questions, please feel free to email us here!
  • Can I control what my kids do with their Android devices?
  • How can I watch movies and TV shows on my Android device?
  • How can I listen to music on my Android device?
  • How can I read books on my Android device?

  • How to prevent kids from buying apps on iTunes store?
  • How to use your phone to shop til you drop?
  • Is it safe to use your phone to shop online?
  • How to take incredible photos with your phone?
  • How to find great apps to download for free?
  • What are the top social media apps?
  • How do i make groups of apps on my iPhone/iPad?
  • How do I customize text replies to declined calls?
  • How to share photostream??
  • How do I refresh my mail inbox?
  • Where's 'tap to post'?
  • How to save you battery life?
  • Does the KWCH news app runs on iOS 4 or earlier?