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Answer Back 12

  • Fired, for a mistake?

    An Answerback Mistake

    On Sunday night's Answerback segment, I told our trusting viewers that CBS shows Madam Secretary and The Good Wife are returning February 22.

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For What Its Worth

  • Bruce Haertl: For What It's Worth...

    For What It's Worth --- Shocktacular

    Here’s hoping for the tie breaker between Wichita State and Northern Iowa a week from today in St. Louis.  How much better is it to have a foil in the conference?  It may have brought a little anxiety with it—but yesterday’s game with UNI was one of the most anticipated match ups in recent Missouri Valley Conference history.

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Cindy's Desk

  • Spreading CJ

    A woman in Maine is using social media to send her son to all the places he never got to got before he killed himself three and a half years ago.

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