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  • NASCAR via Getty Images

    Race Day: The MyAfibStory.com 400 at Chicagoland Speedway

    No more talk, the Chase for the Championship is on beginning Sunday at Chicagoland. This year’s Chase included 16 drivers but by the time we get to the final race in Homestead, only four will still have a chance to be Champion.

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  • The Backstretch Blog: Now in the Chase, everything else is cake (or maybe cookies) for AJ Allmendinger

    Getty Images for Kansas Speedway

    I’m still not sure why AJ Allmendinger was decorating cookies at Wednesday’s Chase Across America stop in Kansas on Wednesday. And I’m not sure AJ knows either, nor am I sure he cares. Allmendiger appears to be having the time of his life as one of the more unlikely participants in this season’s Chase for the Championship.

  • Race Day: The Federated Auto Parts 400 at Richmond International Raceway

    NASCAR via Getty Images

    For as much as NASCAR wants to pretend like Jeremy Mayfield never existed, this is the one time of year that video is trotted out with great pride. And you have to admit, his win to get into the 2004 Chase for the Championship was incredibly dramatic and entertaining. NASCAR has been trying to recreate that ever since.

  • The Backstretch Blog: Bowyer on the Backstretch

    I’m guessing if Clint Bowyer had to pick one track to stake his season on, Richmond would make the top five. Two of his career eight wins have come at the ¾ mile short track, which is good because Boyer really needs a win at Richmond to make this year’s Chase for the Championship field.

  • The Backstretch Blog: Bubble Boys (and Girl)

    One to go this time around and 19 cars are battling for the same thing, a spot in NASCAR’s Chase for the Championship.  Since this year all a driver has to do to get into the post season party is win a race and finish in the top 30 in points, there are 19 drivers that still have a chance to get in. Drivers NASCAR refers to as “on the bubble” Even names like Danica Patrick, Justin Allgair and…

  • Race Day: Oral B 500 at Atlanta Motor Speedway

    NASCAR via Getty Images

    It’s hard to get over your first love. When it comes to racing for me that first love was the Atlanta Motor Speedway. It wasn’t my first race. That was Talladega. And although I enjoy going to Dega now, I didn’t get it at first. Atlanta, ah Atlanta. That was pure speed. Watching the cars enter the corners at close to 200 mph, it was the closest thing to the more traditional CART/Indy Car racing I…

  • The Backstretch Blog: Bowyer on the Backstretch

    Settle in and get ready to do work. That is the task ahead of Kansas native Clint Bowyer over the next two weeks. Bowyer’s 15 team needs a win over in that time to ensure a spot in the Chase for the Championship. But, no matter what happens two teams without a win will make the Chase and Bowyer doesn’t want a gamble for a win, to hurt his chance at securing one of those spots.

  • The Backstretch Blog: Keep the Change

    I get that some things needed to change. I mean, snow at the racetrack is never the desirable forecast and that has happened too many times at Bristol. And NASCAR never should have taken the Labor Day date away from Darlington to begin with.

  • Race Day: Irwin Tools Night Race at Bristol Motor Speedway

    NASCAR via Getty Images

    It’s the last great coliseum in sports and the best description I have ever heard it is “like flying fighter jets in a gymnasium.” Yep it’s that time..NASCAR’s at Bristol baby!

  • The Backstretch Blog: Bowyer on the Backstretch

    It’s getting down to the wire for Kansas native Clint Bowyer if he wants to make the Chase for the Championship. With three races until the chase begins, Bowyer is 15 out of 16 teams on the Chase grid, with a 21 point lead over Kasey Kahne, who is currently the first driver out of the Chase.

  • Race Day: Pure Michigan 400 at Michigan International Speedway

    NASCAR via Getty Images

    Michigan is one of those tracks that many refer to as cookie cutter. But drivers will tell you, Michigan has its own personality that makes it both fun and challenging to drive.

  • The Backstretch Blog: Bowyer on the Backstretch

    It’s getting down to the wire for Kansas native Clint Bowyer. There are just four races left until the Chase for the Championship begins, and Bowyer is clinging on to the final spot on the Chase for the Championship grid. So what does he need to do to make the Chase?

  • The Backstretch Blog: Rush to judgment

    NASCAR driver Tony Stewart

    Dan Sweeney/WDBJ7

    I know I probably won’t change many minds when it comes to the events in New York involving Tony Stewart and Kevin Ward, Jr. Those who believe Stewart did wrong have already convicted him. Those who support him will not relent that he might have done something wrong. Such is your right and such is the way it has become in this instant information society.

  • The Backstretch Blog: How could this happen?


    It all just seems so senseless. One driver is dead, another’s life changed forever. I doubt we will ever truly understand what happened. But, in search of answers, I spoke with Rick Salem, founder and president of United Rebel Racing Series, which sanctions sprint cars, similar to the one Tony Stewart was driving, in the state of Kansas. He didn't want to go into specifics about the Stewart…

  • The Backstretch Blog: Bowyer on the Backstretch

    I think if you had told Clint Bowyer in March that he would be 10th in the points, he would have taken it given the awful start the number 15 got to the season. He still wouldn’t be happy with it, but he definitely would have taken it. The fact of the matter is Bowyer has been grinding this season, but he is finally running the way he feels like his team can and should, as evidenced by a fourth…


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