Another possible winning run for Kansas native Clint Bowyer, was foiled last weekend with trouble in the pits late. This time a missing lug nut caused Bowyer to drop out of the top 10. He battled back to salvage an eighth place finish.

But the fact of the matter is, under the new points system Bowyer needs a win, maybe two. Only the top 16 drivers with wins make the Chase for the Championship and so far this season there are breadth seven winners in seven races.

NASCAR heads to Darlington this weekend for the first Saturday night race of the season. The “track too tough to tame” has proved to be just that for Bowyer. In eight career starts he has just one top ten and an average finish of 21st.

“I’ve never really run good at Darlington,” said Bowyer. “I do have a pole there. The first year ever I had no idea what I was doing and I was scared to death. I got out and they said that I was the fastest man alive and I said, ‘Good because I’m never going that fast again.’”