I think if you had told Clint Bowyer in March that he would be 10th in the points, he would have taken it given the awful start the number 15 got to the season. He still wouldn’t be happy with it, but he definitely would have taken it. The fact of the matter is Bowyer has been grinding this season, but he is finally running the way he feels like his team can and should, as evidenced by a fourth place finish this past season at Pocono.

“We had a good weekend in Pocono. Finally got a finish we deserved,” said Bowyer. “We just need to keep focused on what we need to do and keep getting better in the places we need to get better. A win would be great and that’s what we are trying to get these next few weeks but we need to keep finishing up front first and foremost.”

It seems kind weird to say, but this weekend at Watkins Glen certainly provides a chance to get that first win of the season. I know he’s a dirt racer from Kansas, but Bowyer has fashioned himself into a pretty good little road course racer over his time in NASCAR.

“I don’t know that I’m that great but I do enjoy them,” said Bowyer. “Sonoma is a little better for me than Watkins Glen but we’ve had some decent finishes the past few years. I’m not really sure why.”

And that is true, still Bowyer has three top ten in New York, including a fourth and a sixth the last two races at the Glen.

“You’ve really got to have everything go right on the road courses,” said Bowyer. “You can’t make dumb mistakes, dive bomb someone and crash, take yourself out of the race. I think we can get a good finish, we just have to have everything go right and not do something that takes us out of the running for a good finish.”