Settle in and get ready to do work. That is the task ahead of Kansas native Clint Bowyer over the next two weeks. Bowyer’s 15 team needs a win over in that time to ensure a spot in the Chase for the Championship. But, no matter what happens two teams without a win will make the Chase and Bowyer doesn’t want a gamble for a win, to hurt his chance at securing one of those spots.

“Well it’s crunch time,” said Bowyer. “We are in it (the Chase) now but we’re not locked in and that’s the goal. We just have to go out and run our race. Like I’ve said, you can’t have any mistakes. Last weekend we got back there a little bit and got caught up in someone else’s mess. We can’t do that these next two races.”

Bowyer is currently 15th out of 16 drivers on the Chase grid so he is walking a fine line here. He has to go for it, but they can’t be all out gamblers either. It’s a fine line.

This week is the weaker of the two remaining tracks for Bowyer, not that he is terrible at Atlanta. But he does have just five top tens in 13 starts.

“I like Atlanta,” said Bowyer. “We were really good there last year. We were leading and then we had an issue. We’ll see. A win is what we are looking for but right now every point counts too.”