I get that some things needed to change. I mean, snow at the racetrack is never the desirable forecast and that has happened too many times at Bristol. And NASCAR never should have taken the Labor Day date away from Darlington to begin with.

But as the 2015 NASCAR schedule was released my initial thought was…keep the change. Shuffling a few dates to avoid weather and correct a past wrong isn’t real change. It’s window dressing. There’s nothing wrong with next year’s schedule. It’s just nothing special and in reality, not much different than this year’s schedule.

For those of us waiting for real change, like a road course or another short track in the chase, I think we’ve seen now that’s probably not going to happen.

And that’s really too bad. I know a lot of NASCAR fans complain that things in the sport change too much. But I think it’s not really change we object to, it that the things that are being changed aren’t really all that necessary. Tell me again why we need this “Chase Grid” NCAA tournament style elimination? It may end up being the greatest thing that happened to NASCAR, who knows. I guess we will find out in November. But adding Sonoma to the Chase? That’s a real shakeup that would show up on the track.

Like I said, the schedule is fine. Personally I am sad to see Atlanta lose its night race. I covered races at that track for years, and it just came alive under the lights. But it also couldn’t keep that Labor Day date. It really belonged to Darlington. So here we are,  left to wonder what if there was a road course in the “Chase” what if Bristol was there too?

That would be real change.