KANSAS CITY, Missouri -

Right now it’s easy to see, Joey Logano is having the time of his life.  He hast two wins on the season, and has already locked himself into the chase for the championship.

“I feel like we’ve been clinched since Richmond, since we won our second race, even though it wasn’t official,” said Logano. “So we’ve already been racing really hard, having some fun with it, racing like we have nothing to lose.”

And under the new format Logano really doesn’t have much to lose until the chase starts. That’s why the driver of the Number 22 Penske Ford seemed to be so much at ease when he made a pit stop in Kansas on Tuesday and had a little fun, kicking the soccer ball around with the guys from Sporting Kansas City

“It was a lot of fun, I learned a lot,” said Logano. “But I’m still not very good (at soccer) when it comes down to it. But it was fun.”
Logano admits he’s never really kicked a soccer ball around, heck he really doesn’t even have time to watch much of the sport. But he still appreciates what he and the sporting players have in common

“The biggest similarity is we are both trying to be the best at our sport and kind of the mental side of being a professional athlete I think is the biggest thing,” said Logano. “Cause really when you think of driving race cars and soccer, it couldn’t be more different.”

Speaking of different, the next time Logano will be in Kansas, it will be a lot different in many ways. Kansas is the fourth stop during the revamped chase for the championship. He believes, given to the changes, the racing at all the Chase stops will look very different.

“As you go through the different rounds to get to the end, yes points are going to be important,” said Logano. “But if you have one bad race you are going to go back to the way you are racing right now, where it’s all about the wins. It just kind of depends on how the chase goes.”

But for the day, he’s moving at a little slower pace, eenjoying the chance to spread the word of NASCA and appreciating something new to him in soccer. As for what he would ever do if he scored a goal?

“We there’s not car her to score do a donut, so I’m not sure what I would do,” said Logano. I would have kind a hard time for me.”