COLBY, Kansas -

Racing, like any other sport is all about climbing the ladder.        

“Like baseball you have the majors and then you have triple A, double A, A and college,” said former NASCAR driver Kenny Wallace. “So that’s the same thing in racing you have different divisions you can chose or work your way up.”

Which is why sometimes it hard for people understand why a driver that has made it to the highest levels of racing, like the Sprint Cup series, would want to come back down and race in the lower levels. But drivers often drop down to the Nationwide, truck series or even the local dirt track.
“I’m 50 years old and for me I skipped this early in my life,” said Wallace. “I went right into big time racing, I races in what they called the ASA series, which was a really good series. I was always fascinated with dirt racing cause I never ran dirt.”

For fellow driver Ken Schrader, the attraction is even simpler.

“It’s a hobby, that some people call a profession,”  said Schrader. “But we don’t want to give up our hobby, so we’re going to the local track and racing.”

Which is exactly what brought both drivers out to the Thomas County speedway in Colby, because there is no pressure from points racing or sponsors. This kind of dream just all about the sport they love,  racing.

“I got hooked on racing dirt because it’s so much fun,” said Wallace. “And it’s always a do over. We can run three nights in a row and Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and I always enjoyed having a do over.”

Adds Schrader, “Everyone likes to race. You have guys in the cup series that are going it for a living a high profile jobs, but they still just want to get out there and race.”

Of course having the chance to pick up a checkered flag  along the way never hurts either.