“One thing’s for sure; they have plenty of big bathing suits in this city”.

Charles Barkley getting the last word on his ‘big women in San Antonio’ controversy last night, after being shown a life-sized picture of a full- sized woman, with a picture of his mug superimposed over her face.

At the hoop---

I wonder why Thunder coach Scott Brooks played Russell Westbrook 45 minutes and Kevin Durant 41 in a game 4 which his Thunder led by as many as 27 points. Meanwhile, the Spurs regulars were getting rest and the results showed last night---San Antonio was the aggressor and the Thunder was unable to stop them. Even when they knew they needed it, they simply didn’t have the energy to defend—the result is a 3-2 deficit.

In the East I want Miami to bury Indiana. The whole Lance Stephenson thing with the blowing in LeBron’s ear was an embarrassment. Paul George was incredible in game five, but even with him so good and LeBron so bad—the Pacers were fortunate to win by only three. Maybe it’s just me—but the punk factor in Indy is just too high to pull for the underdogs in this one.

As the Royals turn---

Kansas City re-shuffled their coaching staff and brought in their fifth different hitting coach in just over a year. They ended up scoring eight runs in ending the Blue Jays nine game win streak, so Dale Sveum has already earned his keep. Leave it to the Royals to hire a recently fired manager of the Cubs and put him in charge of their offense. Still, it’s good to end a four game skid, especially by scoring in one game what you did in the previous four starts combined.

‘One True Champion’---

---that’s the marketing position that the Big XII is taking towards the new college football playoff. The Big XII is the only power conference in division-one football without a championship game, so they’re making the most of their round-robin schedule, claiming it as a strength for the 13 person committee that will rank the playoff teams, eventually deciding on which four will play for the title next season.

By the way, the Big 12 gets a pretty good shot to acquit themselves in the ever important non-conference with four matchups against the SEC. West Virginia faces Alabama, OU gets Tennessee, Auburn travels to K-State and Texas Tech will host Arkansas. Add Florida State and Oklahoma State opening the season at Cowboys Stadium and there are plenty of early chances for the Big 12 to turn heads, as they did, surprisingly, in last year’s bowl season.

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Do fans really care?

It would be a convenient time to make a statement about steroid use in the voting for the All-Star team. Melky Cabrera, Nelson Cruz and Ryan Braun have all spent time away from the game for their use of PED’s, but all of them are having monster seasons worthy of an All-Star.

Personally, I’m a big believer in second chances. If you’ve paid your dues, done your time and been allowed back into the game, you should be afforded the same rights as everyone else. Based on the voting for the All-Star game, the fans seem to agree.

As we become less sensitized to drugs in the game, it’ll be interesting to see how long it will take a player with a drug tainted career reach the Hall of Fame. For instance, say Braun has ten more highly productive years, winning a couple more MVP’s –how do the Hall of Fame voters handle a player with a drug issue early in his career, as opposed to all of those (Bonds, McGwire, Clemens, Palmerio, etc.) that have come later in a star’s career?