Why is it that a new bag of chips is never more than half filled when you open it? The same reason that fast food places fill the ice so full to cut down on the drink they have to put in a cup? While I’m at it, have you ever noticed that baggers at the grocery always ask if plastic is OK, instead of paper? I’ve never had a bagger ask me if I would prefer by groceries in paper, obviously it’s much more difficult to pack.

Nice bounce back---

The Royals really needed to take two of three from the Angels, which had come in to KC winners of six straight. It took a little luck yesterday, the Royals had two instant replay calls resulting in double plays go their way, then Howie Kendrick wiffed on a sure double play ball in the ninth that allowed Omar Infante to drive in the winning run.

Most encouraging about the weekend was that the Royals scored 15 times in three games against the Angels to move within three and a half games of the Tigers atop the American League Central. KC plays the next ten games on the road at Minnesota, Cleveland and Tampa three teams that between them are 23 games under 500. In other words, it’s a great time to heat up again. The Royals are 42-39 at the halfway mark of the season, their best since going 43-38 in 2003.

By the way, I’m not sure that I’d move Lorenzo Cain out of the leadoff spot when Nori Aoki comes back from injury. Cain is only hitting .367 in seven games in the top spot, Ned Yost loves consistency in his lineup—it may not be the kind that he’s referring too, but no one’s been as consistent at Cain. In fact, he’s been the Royal’s best hitter all season.

Gene enshrined---

It was great to see Gene Stephenson inducted into the College Baseball Hall of Fame last weekend, I’ll be more interested to see how long it will take him to be enshrined in the Shocker Hall. There will certainly be a push to get him in this next winter, but I wonder at this point whether or not he would accept the honor—stay tuned.

World Cup check---

I don’t if you say it, but the Dutch guy seemed to turn a dive into a penalty kick for the Netherland’s win over Mexico. It’s the sixth straight time the Mexicans have lost in the round of 16 and at 88 minutes, it’s also the latest that a team has trailed in a Knockout Round and rallied to win in regulation. Now no more until the Americans play Belgium on Tuesday.

Was there ever any doubt?

Collin Klein is joining Bill Snyder’s staff at K-State, the only question now---in what capacity? It won’t matter, of course, because he’ll throw himself completely into whatever Snyder comes up with. Talk about a no-brainer—Collin Klein will be a tremendous football coach, maybe even better than he was as a player and that ended up with him being third in the Heisman voting.

What a difference a week makes---

Sebastian Cappalan goes from winning and cashing a check for $108,000 last weekend in Wichita, to shooting 75-74 in the final two rounds in Evansville to earn just over $2,400 in a tie for 40th. Hey, he’s still averaging $55,000/week on tour so far.

World Series of Face Off---

For those of you who’ve been listeners of Sport Daily over the years, you’ll be glad to know that the World Series of Faceoff is returning in late July. The field will be trimmed from 32 to 16 and all the matches will happen live on location. Former champions Jason Ault and Pat Paske are spearheading the championship a question, qualifying begins this week on Sports Daily, KFH Radio, 1240AM, 98-7 FM from 9:00 to 11:00am. Give us a listen!