My wife says that she’s looking forward to the Super Bowl for the commercials, even though she’s already seen most of them on the internet. She claims that the best ones are with animals, probably because they don’t speak. I know she prefers me that way.

Super countdown---

Stupidest question of the week at the Super Bowl, without trying to be stupid for the purposes of asking the stupidest question of the week (everybody’s looking for their fifteen minutes):

Asked of Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll, “is this a must win game?” How does that guy get a press pass?

This is the week when the national media try to squeeze every ounce of blood out of the turnip I never understood that saying…do turnips really bleed?) The most amusing effort I’ve seen to this point is former Super Bowl quarterback and ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski breaking down film of a Seattle-Denver exhibition game with a straight face. It’s hard to imagine that there’s much to be learned from a meaningless game in August, one where half the guys who played in it are no longer on either team.

One of the most amazing things about this Super Bowl is the action on it. Immediately after Seattle dispatched San Francisco in the NFC Championship, the ‘Hawks opened as a two point favorite, less than two weeks later Denver rates a two and a half point edge. Do you know how much money has been bet on the Bronco’s to move the betting line that much? There are reports that boxer Floyd Mayweather bet over $10M on Denver. Over $100M of legal bets are expected to be made before kickoff on Sunday that would be a Vegas record, over $10 billion is expected to be wagered worldwide.

I do like the matchup and I go back and forth with who I think it favors. The old saying is that ‘defense wins championships’ which would lead you to Seattle, but Denver’s stingier than they get credit for and in Payton Manning they have one of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time, coming off one of the greatest seasons of all time by a quarterback. So if that sounds like I’m firmly on the fence…you’re right, I’ll leave it like this—I’m pulling for Peyton, but will give the nod to Seattle, which is going after the first championship for that city since the Sonics won the 1979 NBA title.

For those who might partake—

I don’t wager on games, but I love following the process of the bet and the trends which should guide most people to place them. Favorites win the Super Bowl 70 percent of the time, but underdogs have covered in five of the last six games. Curiously, this is only the fifth time in the 48 years of the Super Bowl that the spread has been less than a field goal. Denver has been favored in 30 straight games over the last two years; the Broncos are 20-9 against the number during that stretch. Hey, this column is called ‘For What it’s Worth’.

Big 12 road---

KU ventures to Austin tomorrow, while K-State travels to West Virginia. The ‘Hawks are already two games up on the rest of the Big 12 as they chase a tenth straight conference title. There are still road games at KSU and Oklahoma State, but if you believe that Kansas won’t lose at home (about as often as full eclipse of the sun) this is a must win for Texas if anyone else in the conference has designs on a title.

The Jayhawks are maturing before our very eyes, Andrew Wiggins finally appears comfortable in his own skin and that means he’ll be exacting pounds of opponent’s flesh the rest of the season. The Jayhawks may have four losses so far this season, but I’ll bet they don’t over twice more the rest of the way.

K-State blew out West Virginia in Manhattan, but the Mountaineers are playing much better of late. It’s a big game for K-State as they try to stay in the mix at the top of the Big 12 at the start of a three game stretch that’ll determine whether or not they will. Home games with Texas and Kansas are next, so taking two of the next three seems a must. The ‘Cats have lost three straight road games although they competed well at Iowa State and Texas, Bruce Weber needs to get one in Morgantown.