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  • Spreading CJ

    A woman in Maine is using social media to send her son to all the places he never got to got before he killed himself three and a half years ago.

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  • Nursing incentive

    A pilot program in Britain is paying new mothers to breastfeed their babies for the first six weeks.
    The government is trying to find out if financial incentives can help boost a practice that's believed to be beneficial for the baby. Critics say the motive for breastfeeding can't be rooted in a financial reward.
    The program is in two low income areas, and if it's successful there, it may be…

  • Food sharing

    Food sharing

    Would you be willing to share your  dinner with a stranger?

  • Say what?

    Say what?

    Do you have any words you aren't sure how to pronounce?    A word you grew up saying one way but everyone else says it differently?

  • Mobile devices slowing us down

    Mobile devices slowing us down

    Your Smartphone doesn't have the bad rap television gets, but new research says, it could make you fat.

  • Family friends

    Family friends

    If you aren't friends with your immediate family members on Facebook-you may want to add them.

  • Who's watching you?

    Who's watching you?

    A new report that says, even if you've never done anything wrong, you're probably in the files of local law enforcement.

  • Mosquito bait

    Mosquito bait

    Why do mosquitoes bite some people but leave others alone?  About 20% of the population has something about them mosquitoes like.

  • Phone decorum

    Phone decorum

    Enough is enough.  It's time to put down the smart phone.


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