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  • Fired, for a mistake?

    Not all candidates?

    The week of October 20th, KWCH-12 is hosting three forums concerning the upcoming election, one for the governor's race, one for the senate, and one for the Wichita sales tax issue.

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Backstretch Blog

  • NASCAR via Getty Images

    Race Day: Geico 500 at Talladega Superspeedway

    Grab that steering wheel and pull those belts tight NASCAR is at Talladega this weekend. On second thought, better triple check those belts cause if what has happened in between the checkered flag at Charlotte up to this point is any indication, Dega is gonna be wild. And oh did I mention it’s is the last chance for 10 drivers to secure a spot in the eliminator round of the Chase for the…

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For What Its Worth

Cindy's Desk

  • Spreading CJ

    A woman in Maine is using social media to send her son to all the places he never got to got before he killed himself three and a half years ago.

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