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  • NASCAR via Getty Images

    The Backstretch Blog: Smoke without Fire

    Tony Stewart is a broken man. I don’t know Tony personally but I have had enough interaction with him over the past 13 years of covering racing to see it in his eyes. When Stewart sat in front of a packed media room at Stewart Haas racing on Monday, there was far less fire in Smoke. It was his first public statement since being cleared of any fault in the dirt track accident that killed Kevin…

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For What Its Worth

  • Bruce Haertl: For What It's Worth...

    For What it’s Worth---Royals Magic

    It was one of those games that, years from now, many more will claim to have been there than the 37,000 actually in attendance.  For Royals fans, it produced one of those rare ‘where were you moments’ that mark those unique moments in life which never seem to fade in the mind’s eye.

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Cindy's Desk

  • Spreading CJ

    A woman in Maine is using social media to send her son to all the places he never got to got before he killed himself three and a half years ago.

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