Old Cowtown re-enactors will be trading in their usual Victorian attire for a more advanced 19th century look for the museum's annual ‘Steampunk Day,’ on Saturday, May 24.

For those who may not know, Steampunk is a sub-culture of science-fiction, usually set in an alternate historical period or industrialized Western civilization.

It’s on this day, where visitors can imagine what modern inventions- like the Internet, weaponry, and clocks- may have looked like if they were created with Victorian materials and technology.

During Steampunk Day, Cowtown re-enactors will stroll the streets dressed in traditional 19th century attire, but accessorized with pre-modern imaginative technology like mechanical gadgets, goggles and gears.

In addition to the fun costuming, visitors can also enjoy other Steampunk inspired entertainment Stagecoach rides, performances by the Dixie Lee Saloon Girls, Schoolhouse games, and much, much more.

Steampunk Day

Time: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Date: Saturday, May 24
Where: Old Cowtown Museum,
Cost: Museum Admission $5.50 - $7.75
Info: http://oldcowtown.org/