New postal program shows what's in your mailbox before you get home

It's a part of the daily routine, you get home from work and check the mail, but if you've ever worried that you're not getting everything you're supposed to - then this new program might be for you.

When the USPS sorts your mail, they take digital images to help with the process. But now, with a new program called "Informed Delivery", they'll start sending those images to you - so you know exactly what you should be getting.

"I think it could help in a lot of cases..." says Sharon Anderson, a Wichita resident. "In this case, you know when my mail was delivered to the wrong house, had they not returned it to me I wouldn't have even known about it."

Others see it as a solution to potential mail theft.

"We live on a very public street." said Charles Claycomb. "So we're always very conscious of the possibility of mail theft."

The process to sign up is simple, all you need to do is log in or create an account on the post office's website and click enroll for the notifications.

"It sounds like an intriguing idea." said Charles. "I'd have never thought of it myself, but it sounds like a great idea to get that information ahead of time." And for him, it's something he's looking forward to signing up for.

"I think just the element of security. I think everyone's a little bit worried about mail theft but when you live on a public street, you want to make sure you get all of the mail you're supposed to get. "

Kansas ZIP codes will be able to sign up for the program right now, you can sign up on the USPS website here.