Are your trees prepared for an ice storm?

Ice is one of the biggest threats to trees. With an ice storm becoming more and more likely in Kansas this weekend, tree experts say you should prepare.

Snow an ice accumulating on tree branches can increase the weight of a branch by thirty times.

Even a half-inch of ice can add as much as 500 pounds of extra weight.

Imagine that extra weight on your car, our house, your power lines or your trees.

We spoke with one Wichita tree trimmer who told us an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

"If you wait until a storm hits, you are going to pay for it whether damage to your property or paying a tree service to remove it, " said Robert Phillips with Wichita Tree Service.

He says if you wait to get things fixed after the storm, chances are - they will be much busier and prices will go up.