Best of DIW: Beauty products

Beauty products top the list as some of the most common product suggestions we get from you.

We tested three items that you said you wanted to see - and our testers said actually worked.

First, there is the "Lilumia." It's an automatic makeup brush cleaning device. It says it can clean up to 12 brushes at one time, in just 15 minutes.

We bought one, including the soap, for $149.95. We were not charged for shipping.

Lauren, a makeup artist, tested the product for us. After adding soap and water to the machine and a 15-minute wash cycle, does it work?

"I think it works," said Lauren.

Up next, the "Hot Fusion Brush." The makers say it tames frizz and brings volume to your hair.

We bought one for nearly $35.99 on Amazon. That's includes shipping and handling.

Planet Hair stylist Jessie McMillin worked her magic on one of her clients with the "Hot Fusion Brush."

She used it to straighten, then curl.

"I do prefer the curl over the straightening," said Jessie.

But does it work?

"Yes. It does work."

Finally, we tested the highly requested "Dafni Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush."

The makers claim it works on curls, waves, frizz, or flyaways.

We bought one at the online retailer, "Dermstore," for $215. We were not charged for shipping.

Sisters Amelia and Ginnie Flores volunteered their locks. Both were impressed with how quick the brush works.

"That was the tricky part of my hair," said Ginnie.

And in no time, they have straight, frizz-free hair.

We already know the answer to this question already, but we ask anyway, does it work?

"Yes. It works," say both sisters.

There is only one heat setting on the brush. It reaches 365-degrees.