Boy rescued from Walnut River

EL DORADO, Kan. (KWCH) A boy is safe after being rescued from the Walnut River.

Dylan Vogel says he was out riding his bike over the hills when he stopped for a bit and slipped down into the river.

"I was thinking I couldn’t get out because it was really slippery," says the 12-year-old.

He says once he fell into the river, the water was up to his chest. The current was strong and the rocks were slippery so he had to grab a root so he wouldn't be swept away.

"I saw that there was a stick and it was in the middle of the river," says Dylan. "It was going pretty fast down the stream so I thought that if I would have let go, that would have been me floating down the river."

When the first root broke, Dylan grabbed another one. He was able to keep himself in the same spot and call for help.

"This one person came and asked for if I needed help and I said yes and they called 911," he recalls.

Dylan and his grandfather say he was in the river for about an hour before crews were called and rescued him.

"I was really scared and cold and I didn’t know what I was going to do," he says.

First, firefighters tried to throw down a cable. Dylan says that didn’t work, so rescue crews threw a rope down and he tied it to himself, then they used a ladder to pull him up.

Dylan had hypothermia as the water was very cold, but he was treated and is now okay.

"I want to thank them for saving me whenever I needed help, whenever I was in the river," he says.

Now, Dylan just wants everyone to know to stay away from dangerous places especially when it's this slippery.

"Do not go near the water or the place I went. Well, don’t go onto big hills and don’t go down the steep hills," he says.

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