Man speaks after losing wife and son in accident on pond near Moundridge

Gary Claassen remains in Kansas, recovering from injuries while he prepares for the funerals of his wife and son.

Eight-year-old Trent and his mother, Polly Claassen, died after they fell through some ice in Moundridge Friday. Gary survived after he also fell through.

Gary's family is from California, but the Claassens were visiting family when they decided to try shoe-skating on a pond near Moundridge.

Gary says his son decided to go out and ended up falling in. Both Gary and his wife tried to save their son, but they were unsuccessful.

First responders arrived on scene 15 minutes later and pulled all three of them out of the frigid water.

Gary says he tried to check with people in the area before they went out and he thought it was safe to go out on the ice.

"They kind of analyzed the weather; how cold it had been, how many degrees below zero for how many days. And we heard time and again from people who were locals that it would be absolutely safe," Gary says.

As he continues his recovery in Kansas, Gary's neighbors in California say they're setting up support for him once he returns home.