City council member concerned about gang violence

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) According to Wichita police, a man died after he was shot several times Saturday near 13th and Vesta. Officers believe it is related to gang violence.

City Council member Lavonta Williams said she heard the gunfire as she was driving through her district Saturday evening.

"We haven't had shots in this particular part of town in several years now, so I wasn't really sure, but they were shots that I recognized, so I immediately called 911," said Willliams.

Police said officers are still looking for the suspect.

Williams worries more gang violence could be in the future for her district.

"I think that there's a possibility that it's on the rise again," said Williams. "I don't wanna say that without the statistics to back it up, but we are seeing a little bit more gunfire, and our police chief is addressing it as quickly as he can. "

Williams said shootings hurt local businesses.

"Someone has put a lot of time and effort in recruiting businesses to this part of the strip mall, and so it begins to affect our economic development here in this part of the area," said Williams.