Cooler to warmer to much colder

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Meteorologist Sarah Fletcher says the temperature roller coaster continues across Kansas.

We hit the 60s on Wednesday, thanks to wind from the south. That wind shifted today, and cooler air rushed in from the north.

Warmer air is on the way tomorrow, with highs bouncing back into the mid 50s... with some areas even hitting the lower 60s. Normal for this time of the year is the low 40s.

This warm up won't last long. A cold front will move through Friday night. There won't be enough moisture in the atmosphere to bring showers or storms into Kansas with this front, but the wind will shift once again, and we'll fall back to where we should be for this time of the year as we head into the weekend.

Another front will move in Monday that will bring a rush of cold arctic air into the state. We could see a few showers, even a rain/snow mix possible, Sunday night into Monday morning. Temperatures will fall next week, into the upper 20s to lower 30s.


Tonight: Clear, chilly. Wind: NW/SW 5-10. Low: 23.

Tomorrow: Sunny and windy. Wind: SW/S 20-30; gusty. High: 55.

Tomorrow night: Mostly clear. Wind: S/SW 10-15. Low: 33.

Sat: High: 45 Becoming partly cloudy.
Sun: High: 47 Low: 25 Partly cloudy. A few rain showers overnight.
Mon: High: 49 Low: 35 Morning rain showers then mostly cloudy.
Tue: High: 31 Low: 26 Mostly cloudy, breezy, light snow.
Wed: High: 26 Low: 12 Mostly cloudy, breezy, very cold.
Thu: High: 29 Low: 10 Partly cloudy.