Crews respond to explosive device found in Herington

HERINGTON, Kan. Eyewitness News is learning more about an explosive device that was discovered near the town of Herington Saturday night.

Officials in Dickinson County say the device was found under a bridge along Vane Road near K-4. The package was wrapped in tape and located next to a milk jug filled with an unknown liquid.

Herington City Manager Ed Patton says he first received a call about the device at about 10 p.m. There were evacuations, but by 2 a.m. on Sunday, the scene was clear.

"I want my people to be cautious because I'd a lot rather them cry wolf and not need it than to have not done something to warn them - to be extra careful," said Patton.

Investigators say someone lit the fuse on the device, but the fuse never reached any explosives.

"I don't know if it was someone trying to make a statement or somebody trying to be disruptive, or if it was actually meant to be destructive," said Patton.

The Fort Riley bomb squad was called out to neutralize the bomb.

The sheriff's office says the explosion was small enough that it likely wouldn't have caused any damage. They call the bomb's design rudimentary.

Patton says even if the bomb was just someone looking for a little fun, there will be consequences.

"I really hope we're lucky enough to apprehend whoever was involved with it because this is something that's not a joke; no matter how funny they think it is," said Patton.

Herington City Commissioner Kat Souza wrote about the situation on her Facebook page.

"I'd like to thank the individuals that called this in and express gratitude for their understanding and need for evacuation until it was known they would be safe," she said.