DIW: Clever Cutter

Whether it's washing, or chopping. Food prep can really eat up your time in the kitchen.

"Depending on the dish, if there (are) lots of vegetables, you know you could spend maybe 10 minutes chopping vegetables," our food expert Denise Dias said.

That's why Denise is helping us test the "Clever Cutter."

A commercial on its website says, it's "the two-in-one knife and cutting board that chops and slices food in seconds."

We bought one online for $22.55. That includes shipping.

"It just says to slide the food between the blade and the cutting board," Denise said.

Denise reads the directions, releases the safety lock, and begins to slice and dice the celery.

"Very easy to use. I think since it's spring-loaded, this could be really good for someone with arthritis because that might help them if they have a hard time chopping things on a cutting board," Denise said.

Next, Denise tries two carrots. The "Clever Cutter" slices through through them easily. However, the onion is too big whole, so Denise trims it down.

"It says you can hold it with a fork, or maybe a tong or something. But even then, I think that would be kind of tough," Denise said.

It's a similar situation with an apple. But Denise doesn't need to trim the cucumber or potato.

We keep cutting... bread, meat, and cheese too.

"I probably would get a cheese slicer, I think it would work a little bit quicker," Denise said.

But, she's still impressed with the "Clever Cutter."

"Yes it works," Denise said.

The makers of the "Clever Cutter" say you can also use it on cooked chicken and steak.

And, it is dishwasher safe.