DIW: Critter Catcher

Dangerous or not. You probably want our eight-legged testers out of your house. Gerry Marsh from "Patton Termite and Pest" says most of the time, his job is to eliminate them. But if your unwanted house guest doesn't warrant pest control, you're on your own to get rid of it.

We're testing the "My Critter Catcher."

A commercial on its website says, "The 'Spider Catcher' works safely, easily, and effectively to remove all unwanted spiders and bugs from your home. It's unique catch and release handle means there's no mess on your walls, no expensive batteries to replace, and no harmful chemical pesticides."

So if you decide to release or exterminate... you can remain at a "safe distance." We paid $23.90 for one "My Critter Catcher." That includes shipping.

Gerry starts our test with the large wolf spider.

"I'd say it's pretty secure," Gerry said of the the spider inside the "My Critter Catcher."

Gerry is able to release the wolf spider easily back into the jar.

Next, the small brown recluse. This spider tries to get out of the device.
"I think he probably could if he really wanted to get out," Gerry said.

The brown recluse never did come out. And Gerry released it inside the jar.

We conduct the same test again, but this time on carpet. First out--the wolf spider.

"It kind of hangs up on the carpet some," Gerry said.

Now the brown recluse--which again tries to make its way out of the device, but never does.

"I think that it probably works better on bigger spiders something small like this is difficult," Gerry said.

Does it work?

"I'd say it does," Gerry said.

The "My Critter Catcher" says it can also catch crickets, snails, cockroaches, and scorpions... among other things.