DIW: Holiday Light Rail

WICHITA, Kan. Decorating your home for Christmas, takes some time. Just ask Jeremy Wallace.

"A couple hours usually. If everything goes [smoothly],” Jeremy said.

Jeremy has tried staples and clips. But they can't hold lights on his gables.

"I got up there five or six times last year, trying things, and it just never worked out,” Jeremy said.

That's why he volunteered to test the "Holiday Light Rail." You just attach the lights to the rail. It says it "effortlessly snaps on to your gutters or securely locks underneath your shingles." Pictures on the product's website show lights lined-up and spaced evenly. You can buy a 20-foot kit for $39.99.

"First step, measure your roof line. Use the measurements to determine the lengths of holiday light rail to be created,” Jeremy said while reading over the instructions.

Jeremy follows the instructions... connecting the two-foot rail sections with the sliding rail connectors.

"It doesn't seem like the grooves want to line up," Jeremy said.

We watch one of the videos on the product's website for help. Jeremy realizes he needs to clean the ends of the rails.

"Alright. That was much easier,” Jeremy said.

Next, he locks his lights in place.

"That's it,” Jeremy said.

Outside, Jeremy squeezes the rail on the gutter.

"There we go,” Jeremy said.

And turns the corner to put the rails on his shingles.

"My shingle overhang is more than the notch. So, it's not going to slide under there and catch anything,” Jeremy said.

Jeremy had a hard time getting the "Holiday Light Rail" to attach to his shingles. We called the owner of the company. We learned Jeremy's shingles were too thick. The owner asked us to give it another try. So here we are at the White's home.

"From the box opening to reading the instructions and installing it, it took me about an hour,” Jonathan White said.

In an hour, Jonathan put rails on one side of his gable.—that’s 14 feet.
"It's going to cost me quite a bit. There are 280 feet of lights around the house and it's 20 foot a box,” Jonathan said.

"It's definitely perfectly straight. That's for sure,” Jonathan said.

At night, you can really tell a difference between the two sides. Jonathan used the "Holiday Light Rail" on the right side.

Does it work?

“If you want them straight like that, it definitely does work,” Jonathan said.
The owner of the product says the set-up process should go faster in the following years. Since all you'll have to do is attach the rails to your home. However, you will need a place to store them in the meantime.
The maker of the product told us Jeremy’s shingles were unusually thick. If that happens to you after you ordered the product, he said he would give you a refund.

Also, both of our testers needed more bulb retainers--than what was included in the packaging. You can order those online too.