DIW: HyperChiller

Before customers "pick up here"... a lot of work is done upstairs in the lab of Reverie Roasters. So, don't think for a second when you order an "iced coffee," it's just chilled coffee over ice.

"It's about a 12 to 15 hour brew process," owner Andy Gough said.

Andy says industry people call that "cold brew." But for our experiment today, Andy and lead Barista Tom Murrillo will be creating a simple "iced coffee" you should be able to make at home with the "HyperChiller." It promises iced coffee in a minute... without diluting it.

A video on its website says, "It works when the hot coffee flows into the center cooling chamber--which is surrounded with food-grade stainless steel and ice on all sides."

We bought one for $29.95. That does not include shipping and handling.
Tom did all of our prep work the day before our test... filling up the two compartments with water, twisting them all back together, and then freezing them for 12 hours. So all Tom and Andy have to do is make hot coffee.

The HyperChiller has different cooling times. We're testing its 60 second claim for 8 ounces of coffee, if you "swirl" the coffee.

The makers promise up to a 130 degree drop. Sixty seconds later....
"Looks like it's bottoming out at about 75 degrees," Tom said.
That's about a 90 degree drop in temperature.

The makers say you can get two uses out of the "HyperChiller" before it needs to be frozen again. So, we try it a second time.

The second cup chills to 69.2 degrees--cooler than the first. However, Andy says that's because our second cup of hot coffee had cooled a bit before we poured it inside the "HyperChiller."

Both Andy and Tom enjoy the taste of their coffee over ice.

Does it work?

"The HyperChiller does work," Tom said.

Tom did experience some water leaking from the top of the "HyperChiller." There is a note in the instructions that says melted ice may drip from four small vents in the top of the lid when pouring. So make sure to clear those vents of water before freezing.

Also, the makers say the "HyperChiller" is compatible with single cup brewers.