DIW: Red Copper Square

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When doing a little cooking, most of us will use an iron skillet or an alloy pan. But it’s not exactly hard to burn things on that, and clean up can be a mess. The makers of the Red Copper Square say that those problems will soon be whisked away.

The Red Copper Square Pan is a deep dish, 10-inch, copper infused, ceramic pan that promises a non-stick surface and the ability to cook food a variety of different ways. We picked up one online for about $60. But does it work?

To find out we enlisted the help of Chef Gregory Cole with Butler Community College. Chef Cole teaches baking courses and kitchen essentials at the school, so he knows his way around a pan, and today he’s getting a look at the Red Copper Square.

“So this is the traditional copper pot we have here. And then you have also, if you want to do any deep frying. This will be a good piece to add to that also,” Chef Cole says as he examines the pan’s frying basket.

After taking a look at the pan, we’re ready to get going. We start by testing the non-stick properties of the pan with some eggs. We get them in the pan and let them cook. Chef Cole uses a spatula on the eggs, and he’s impressed with that he sees.

“…That egg is moving in this pot rather freely,” he says as he moves the eggs around with his spatula.

And his feelings are no different when it comes to clean up.

“And I can wipe this pot out and you’re good to go.”

So that’s food, but what about a plastic cup like they show in the commercial? Chef Cole tosses a couple into the pan and they begin to melt. He tries to peel them back and again he thinks the Red Copper Square delivers.

“Amazing,” he says. “So that definitely holds up.”

We move on to one of the Copper Square’s variety of different cooking abilities. We decide to fry some potatoes with the pan’s frying basket. Chef Cole pours some oil into the square, chops up some potatoes, and slides them into the fryer. We let them cook until they’re browned.

“And as you can see that whole process may have taken about 8 minutes,” Chef Cole says while looking at the browning potatoes. “Again, it’s enduring some real high heat. So these are gorgeous."

When asked about his final thoughts on the pan, Chef Cole says this cooking tool is one you’d love to have in the kitchen.

“I actually think it’s a great product. It’s great to use particularly in the kitchen. If you’re a novice, this will be the ideal pan for you. If you’re interested in learning how to fry, how to bake, in fact, this will bake bread also. Based on what I’ve seen with the plastic and all that, this is a very good product to have in the kitchen. In fact, it’s going to replace a lot of my staples.”

Chef Cole has a glowing review for the Red Copper Square, and even though it seems pretty obvious at this point, we have to ask…

Does it work?

“Yes, the answer is yes,” he says. “This does work.”