DIW: Siesta

Video on the "Siesta's" website makes it look so comfortable. Wouldn't you want to spend a nice summer day... basically lounging on air? The Preble sisters like this idea compared to what they're used to.

"Lawn chairs, blankets," Naomi said.

Sister-testers Naomi and Emma are definitely interested in the "Siesta." The makers say it's a "full-sized lounge chair that inflates without a pump." We paid $49.99 for one. We were not charged for shipping.

Naomi and Emma read the instructions. Emma takes off running, trying to fill one side of the "Siesta" with air. Namoi takes care of the other side. It helps that we have a slight breeze during our test.

"Whew," Naomi said after finishing her lap.

The sisters fold the ends of the "Siesta" to create a firm surface, buckle it shut, and jump on. They both think it's comfortable.

"We gotta get us one of these, mom," Naomi said.

The "Siesta" holds both sisters. It says it can hold up to 500 pounds.
Just as fast as they inflated the "Siesta," the sisters deflate it. And... fill it back up again.

"To some people it might look a little weird, but you cant knock it till you try it. It's very comfy," Naomi said.

Does it work?

"Yes," the sisters said.

The "Siesta" weighs less than four pounds. It also comes with a carrying bag. And, a one year warranty. Also, if you don't want to run... you can walk quickly... or use a fan to fill it up.