Does It Work: Yoga Paws

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) - "Hot Asana Yoga Studio" owner Gina Pasquariello doesn't need much to practice yoga. But almost always, she has a mat. She says it’s uncomfortable without one.

"It's a little hard on your wrists, hard on your knees, and it just kind of get dirty,” Gina said.

She volunteered to try some poses with the "YogaPaws." Instead of rolling out her mat to practice, she'll wear it.

A video at says "just put them on your hands and feet and you're ready to practice yoga on any surface.”

The makers say they're perfect for travel and they prevent slipping. You can buy a set online for $36.95. That does not include shipping and handling.

Gina slips them on her feet and hands.

"I feel like they almost create more awareness for me to press down through my index knuckle--which is a good thing,” Gina said.

Now to the floor, where Gina tries to balance with one foot.

“It's not too bad," Gina said.

The makers of "YogaPaws" say they work on every surface. So, Gina takes them outside.

"Hands feel pretty good on the cement," Gina said.

While she says her hands inside the "YogaPaws" are comfortable on the sidewalk, the tops of her feet need a little more protection.

"You still can't really flip your feet over,” Gina said.

But that doesn't mean her review of the "YogaPaws" bites.

Do the Yoga Paws work? Gina says "kind of."

"They definitely don't replace a mat. But they are pretty comfortable for practicing on cement, or if you're in the grass, or in the dirt or something like that... your hands would probably be more comfortable. Your feet not so much,” Gina said.

The makers say you can also use “YogaPaws” to reduce slipping when doing hot yoga.