Farmers react to Congressman Marshall's Ag Committee appointment

Just days after being sworn in as congressman of Kansas' first district, Dr. Roger Marshall fulfilled his campaign promise of getting a seat on the House Agriculture Committee.

Farmers like Butch Irsik hopes this will give Kansans their voice back.

"It's always good to have representation in your local area. They're going to look out for you more than say a representative from another state," said Irsik.

The last few years have been tough for producers who say they've dealt with low prices and the high cost of farming.

Jerald Kemmerer, CEO of Pride Ag Resources in Dodge City, says he's seen the effects it has caused locally.

"We need safeguards for our producers. Right now, farm economy income is as low as it has been in a decade. Prices are as low as they've been in a decade. If it wasn't for the yields, it'd be very difficult for a producer to make it," said Kemmerer.

These are just more reasons why Irsik says he'd like for Marshall to keep the Kansas farming community in mind, especially when the next farm bill is drafted.

"I would hope he would keep our safety nets in place and also our insurance program through the FSA, keep some sort of insurance that is viable for our area," said. Irsik. "The main thing is to keep us represented and keep everybody represented fairly from top to bottom."