Frozen lake safety

Emergency crews have a warning for you as the temperatures drop. Don't venture out onto icy lakes if there's any chance the ice could crack.

Two teens were pulled from a Seattle lake earlier this week. They're expected to be fine, but firefighters in Kansas say that isn't always the outcome.

We spoke with local firefighters who say they see these situations every year.

People who think the ice is solid, when it's not.

Even shallow lakes can be dangerous.

Fire crews and the ice rescue team prepare and train for these types of situations. They use dry suits, and ropes to get people out.

Firefighters say often times they are saving kids or people trying to save their pets out on the ice.

A Wichita woman died nearly two years ago doing just that.

Firefighters say see someone or an animal who fell in, don't put yourself in danger too.

They also recommend keeping your animals on a leash if there's water nearby and always make sure your kids are supervised.