Garden City toddler hospitalized after being left in car

A two-year-old Garden City boy is hospitalized in Wichita after being left unattended in a vehicle during church services on Sunday.

According to police, the family went to church in the 400 block of E. Spruce at around 1:00 p.m.. During the ride to the church, the boy apparently fell asleep.

When the family arrived at church, the mother went inside with three of their four children while the father stayed behind to gather other things the children needed for Sunday School.

Police say both parents thought the other had taken the youngster from the vehicle and dropped him off at Sunday School along with the other children.

After services ended, the two-year-old did not come out of Sunday School with the other children. Police say the parents began looking for their son. He was then found unresponsive in the vehicle.

The child suffered extreme heat exposure. He was stabilized and taken to an area hospital, then transferred to a hospital in Wichita for treatment.

The temperature in the area at that time was around 92 degrees. Police believe the child was in the vehicle for around two hours.

Police are still investigating what happened.