Veterans step up to help children of fallen soldiers

Kansans veterans and their families put forth an effort to help children of fallen soldiers.

The National Legacy Run -- scheduled for later this summer -- raises money to help pay for college for children who lost a parent in the War on Terror.

Wrapping up Sunday, a group of about 50 American Legion Riders are doing their part in the Kansas Legacy Run. Their four-day journey started in Great Bend and ended Sunday in Newton after stops in Colby, Liberal and Dodge City.

The tens-of-thousands of dollars raised will go directly to help children nationwide. The Kansas Legacy Run ended on a windy note, but the American Legion Riders say it wasn't enough to stop their mission.

"We know what we're riding for," says Lead Ride Captain Terry Harris. "And we communicate back and forth the entire ride. And this is what we're talking about. We're talking about why we're doing this. This weather means nothing to us. You're in Kansas. If you can't ride in (the wind), you're not going to ride."

The legion riders don't have a final tally on how much they raised, but estimate its in the ballpark of $30,000. The six-day National Legacy Run starts Aug 12 in Fort Dodge, Kan. and ends in Reno, Nev.