Lawmakers react to State of the State address

TOPEKA, Kan. (KWCH) - The State of the State address is about ideas that often cross political boundaries. But after listening to Governor Sam Brownback's speech Tuesday, some lawmakers wondered how the state would pay for new ventures with a deep budget deficit.

Some of the biggest issues facing the legislature this year including balancing the budget, building the state's first dental school, and setting up scholarships to bring in more teachers.

"All he did was say, 'look at the shiny ornament'. What he didn't say is how is going to pay," said Minority Leader Rep. Jim Ward of Wichita.

"There are some things that are feasible. But none of what he talked about is really going to change things," said Democratic Rep. Ed. Trimmer of Winfield.

Some lawmakers felt the governor was headed in the right direction.

"Some of them sound workable. some of them may have some concerns with some of the legislators in both chambers that we're going to have to work around," said Republican Rep. Troy Waymaster of Bunker Hill.

The governor's budget office will present his proposals for fixing the state's finances Wednesday morning. The state needs to fill a more than $900,000,000 hole over the next 18 months.