March Reno County wildfires ruled 'suspicious'

Last month's wildfires in Reno County have been ruled "suspicious".

Fire officials released updates on the fires that burned in early March Wednesday. Hutchinson fire investigators, in conjunction with Reno County Fire and Sheriff's Departments says the fire started along the roadway with no other possible sources of ignition.

Fire officials say the 43rd and Jupiter Hills fire on March 4th started along the road with no other possible sources of ignition in the area.

Same story with the 17th and Faubion fire that same day. It started along the road with no other possible sources of ignition. Both fires are considered suspicious in nature.

The following day, fires were reported near 82nd and Monroe. In that case, crews say the fire started along the road. They also found a firework in the area. It was a Ground Bloom, which spins on the ground and emits a heavy shower of sparks. Crews were not able to determine if this fire was intentional or accidental, but it is considered suspicious.

A fire was also reported March 5th in the 9500 block of Hendricks. That fire was north and west of the original fire and there were several witnesses stating there was no smoke in the area before the fire was reported. Officials son't believe it was a rekindle of the original fire, so it is also considered suspicious in nature.

So far, there are no suspects in the case, but investigators are following up on several leads. If you have any information, you're asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 620-694-2666 or 1-800-222-8477.

You may also remember the large wildfire in early March that started in Ford County. The Kansas State Fire Marshal's Office says it does not yet have a cause on the southwest Kansas fire.