More health problems arise in cattle affected by fire

ASHLAND, Kan. (KWCH) Nearly two weeks since the fires burned through Clark County, many who lost cattle are now finding new problems in their surviving animals.

Gardiner Angus Ranch in Clark County was just one of many ranches who saw the loss of hundreds of head of cattle in this month's fire.

Ranch employee Kayla Sandoval said she spent the last few weeks searching for surviving cattle.

"We lost a lot of pregnant cows which is kind of a two for one hit," she says. "We probably lost about 500 head and a lot of those had embryos and were pregnant for fall."

The loss of cattle will have have long term economic effects on the ranch.

That's why Cole Gardiner says the ranch is focusing its efforts on the calves born shortly before or after the fires.
"I have 14 calves inside that barn that all their mothers are alive and fine, it's just that their udders have been burned and singed and they cant let out milk," he says.

Many of the cattle with burns are being treated with antibiotics, with the hopes that their burns will heal and that they'll be able to feed their next sets of calves in the future.

Although caring for the young won't be easy, they're what Sandoval said gives Gardiner ranch hope that they can overcome their hardships.

"They're the future of our herd," he says.