Woman accused in Wichita murder speaks in jail interview

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) Update -- (Thursday, May 4): It has been nearly one month since Micki Davis was killed in a home near Seneca and Pawnee. Police say she was attacked with a knife and decapitated. The woman charged with murder in Davis' death, Rachel Hilyard, briefly spoke with Eyewitness News in a jail video interview.

She held up a hand-drawn image over the camera while she spoke. We do not know what the drawing means. When asked about the murder charges she faces, she shared a message.

"I'm just saying, nobody cares about God anymore," Hilyard says. "I think this is very sad, and God is really sad with the Earth."

Thursday night, a man who says he is suspected murderer Rachel Hilyard's ex-boyfriend, also speaks out.

He says Hilyard suffers from a traumatic brain injury she received in a car crash a little before they started dating. He says they used drugs while they were together and says the brain injury combined with the drug use led to severe mental issues in recent years.

"She was still normal right after the wreck," he says. "...She was way more normal back then. I'm not saying that it wasn't the drugs. She just kept getting more mentally disturbed to where she couldn't come back."


New details have been released in the death of 63-year-old Micki Davis.

Davis was found decapitated in the home of her son's ex-girlfriend, Rachael Hilyard, on April 9.

Court documents say Davis' nine-year-old grandson, identified as JG, called 911 that day and said he and his grandmother were at Rachael's house and she was hurting his grandmother. He also said Rachael had hit his grandma really hard.

The affidavit says while JG was on the phone with 911 he ran to his grandmother's car and locked himself inside. Dispatchers asked JG if he could give them his address. He told them he saw the numbers "1427" and street signs that read "Rita" and "Elizabeth".

JG said Rachael was at the car then ran away to a nearby home.

Court documents indicated the boy was able to make his way to another neighbor's home, identified only as BM. The boy gave the phone to the neighbor who told dispatchers that the boy said someone was trying to kill him.

When police arrived on the scene, they made contact with the neighbor and JG, who recounted his story for officers and told them his grandma was being beaten up in the garage.


Police saw a white Ford Ranger pickup in the driveway of 1427 W. Rit. An officer went and tugged on the garage door. It was unlocked, so he opened it. The officer found what he thought was a mannequin. He then confirmed it was a body. When the officer went to check for a pulse, he found the head missing. A large amount of blood and a black handle kitchen knife was found near the body. The body appeared to be that of a woman wearing a black blouse and shorts.

Police went into the home and found 35-year-old Rachael Hilyard inside the bathroom and arrested hear. They said blood was on the sleeves of her jacket, in her hair and on her shoes. The officer also said he could smell a strong odor of marijuana.

As police were clearing out the residence, one officer walked into the kitchen and saw a "human head with curly brown hair" in the kitchen sink.

JG told police that Hilyard called his grandmother and asked her to come over to get her son's belongings or she was going to put them on the curb. Davis' call log confirmed this.

When detectives interviewed Hilyard, she told them, "it seemed like she was coming at me with a picture frame and this has happened before like deja vu."

According to the affidavit, Hilyard went on to say, "God was telling me to do it."

Detectives said when asked if she had taken any alcohol or drugs, Hilyard said she didn't want to talk about it.

Hilyard has been charged with first-degree murder in the case.