Ride-operating company addresses safety concern at state fair

HUTCHINSON, Kan. Several people Tuesday reached out to Eyewitness News, expressing a safety concern with a photo showing zip ties fastened around a metal beam on the Ferris wheel at the Kansas State Fair.

Jason McDade

We reached out to fair officials who passed along a statement from the company operating the ride, clarifying that there is no need for concern. The director of communications and media relations for North American Midway Entertainment (NAME) explains the zip ties in the photo are only used to help minimize vibration on a light bar mounted on "the big wheel."

The company gave its explanation in the following statement sent to Eyewitness News Tuesday:

After we heard of this, we immediately contacted the NAME staff regarding this photo. They confirmed safety as a priority and that this is of a light bar mounted on the big wheel that is first secured with bolts, and in addition, zip-tied to help minimize vibration."