Sheriff's deputies buy customers' meals at Wichita restaurant

WICHITA, Kan. Andrea Clough wanted to show her appreciation. But before she could, the tables were turned in an effort to give back.

Clough was with family the day after Christmas, eating at Wichita's Saigon Restaurant. The family was seated next to eight Sedgwick County Sheriff's deputies.

As she thanked them for their service, Clough wanted to pay for the deputies' meals. But it was too late. She found out the deputies had already paid for her families' meals, as well as the meals of several others in the restaurant.

We're told the deputies were just paying it forward and in the spirit of Christmas, wanted to buy meals for people at the restaurant with them. The deputies don't want any part of being recognized for the effort.

"They didn't do it for special recognition. They didn't want to go on camera. They just did something they wanted to do to pay it forward and that's how it went," Sedgwick County Sheriff's Lt. Lin Dehning says.

Dehning says he hopes this shows the kind hearts of those who wear the badge and says it's an example of many of the deputies who serve Sedgwick County.