Wichita police find veteran's stolen specialized bike

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WICHITA, Kan. UPDATE--9:30 p.m. Wednesday (July 27): A specialized bike stolen from a veteran in Wichita has been found. Wednesday night, the veteran says Wichita police found the bike. He says the bike is heavily damaged and spray-painted in some spots.

He had planned to use the bike for an upcoming Wounded Warrior ride. The bike cost about $2,000.


Security video shows a thief in the act, stealing a bicycle off the front porch of a U.S. Army veteran who was training for a Wounded Warrior Project bike ride.

Veteran Brian Wilhite said until now, he's felt comfortable leaving his three-wheel recumbent bike on his front porch in Wichita.

"It had a really good bicycle lock and chain on it, I've got a security camera," Wilhite said.

So when he woke up Tuesday morning to find it missing, he went right to his security footage. After a few hours of combing through it, he found footage around 2:00a.m. that shows someone walking by Wilhite's house.

"The individual came across my yard and avoided my camera and clipped the lock and cable and dragged it out," Wilhite said describing the video.

In the video, the person walks out of the frame for a few minutes before you see someone drag the bike across the yard and away from the house.

The bike cost Wilhite about $2,000, but he said the loss is much more emotional He was planning to use the bike for an upcoming Wounded Warrior ride.

"Anger. I was crushed," Wilhite explained. "I had a Wounded Warrior flag on the bicycle itself and for somebody to just take that was really sad to me. That meant the world to me. I was really not just looking forward to it, it's therapy."

Wilhite hopes someone will notice the bike and report it. Until then, his message is simple:

"Please return it," Wilhite said. "If you return it, I won't press charges. I just want my bike back. It's more than just a bike."

Wilhite's bike is a TerraTrike 3-wheel Rambler. The colors are orange and black. If you see it or know who took it, you're asked to report it to police or Crime Stoppers.