Three vehicles stolen in Wichita while warming up

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) Wichita police continue to warn drivers to not leave their vehicles unattended with the keys inside.

Police say three unattended vehicles were stolen between Tuesday and Wednesday morning.

There is no city ordinance that prohibits you from leaving your vehicle running while unattended, but there is a state law.

While police do not enforce the state law, they have been passing out literature in hopes of keeping motorists from becoming victims.

In 2016, 187 people reported their vehicles stolen while they were left unattended with the keys inside. There were about 200 cases in 2015.

Police say they do have 74 percent recovery rate for the stolen vehicles. But those vehicles are found in various conditions.

Police also say charges do little to deter criminals. Most thieves arrested with stealing a vehicle are charged with criminal deprivation of a motor vehicle which is a misdemeanor.