Two gorillas leaving Sedgwick County Zoo

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Two of the gorillas at the Sedgwick County Zoo are about to move to a new home.

Shango and Barney are set to leave the zoo on May 19 for their new home at the zoo in Miami.

The Sedgwick County Zoo says the move was recommended by the Gorilla Species Survival Plan.

"We are personally kind of bummed to see them go, but we know this will be a great opportunity for them," said Michelle Birket with the Sedgwick County Zoo. "There are no other gorillas at Zoo Miami, so they'll get to go outside every day."

Shango and Barney have been at the Sedwick County Zoo since 2004. They were the first gorillas at the zoo.

"They know we have our two babies and Aleeka and Ziki are getting bigger and bigger every day, and I think it'll be great if another zoo that doesn't have them can share that experience," Birket said.

You can stop by the zoo to bid them farewell. Both will be out and about this weekend.

They will begin preparing for their trip to Miami on Thursday, May 17. After that, they'll remain behind the scenes until their departure.

Shango and Barney hold a special place in Sedgwick County Zoo history. The brothers were the first gorillas to arrive at the Zoo (in 2004) and call The Downing Gorilla Forest home. When they arrived, Shango was 15 and barely a silverback; Barney was 10.

The Sedgwick County Zoo will remain home to the other nine gorillas.