Necropsy shows K-9 Rooster shot by suspect

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) - UPDATE (4.11.17): Wichita Police released details from a necropsy for K-9 Rooster. The police dog was shot and killed last month.

The necropsy (an autopsy for animals) was performed at K-State on March 28 and showed Rooster suffered a single gunshot that went in through his shoulder, struck vital organs, then exited on his right side.

Police say, due to the trajectory and evidence from the scene and video from the incident, they have determined the shot that killed Rooster was fired by the suspect.
Wichita Police say a police K-9 has died after a disturbance with a weapon near MacArthur and the Kansas Turnpike.

Police say they were responding to a disturbance with a weapon in south Wichita. At least two people were inside a mobile home in Lamplight Mobile Home Park when police arrived.

A woman inside the home informed police that the man was armed with a gun and threatened to kill her.

The suspect came out of the mobile home with a gun and police released a K-9. Officers say they saw the suspect draw a gun from his waistband and turn back toward them. One officer fired his weapon at the suspect.

A second officer saw a muzzle flash from the suspect’s gun in the direction of the officers and another shot was fired at the suspect.

The man was taken to a hospital nearby where he was pronounced from his injuries.

The other person in the mobile home at the time has been interviewed by police.

Police say they believe the K-9 was shot by the suspect, but will know for sure after a necropsy and review of the evidence. Police are continuing to investigate the death of the police K-9 Sunday.

Wichita Police posted on Facebook that Rooster, the police K-9, served on the force for five years before dying in the line of duty.