Wichita prepares to host 1st & 2nd rounds of 2018 NCAA tournament

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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) UPDATE-- Monday, March 20: In preparation for hosting first and second round games of the 2018 NCAA Tournament, officials with the Wichita Sports Commission and Wichita State University visited Tulsa this weekend to see how the hosting process works. Tulsa hosted first and second round games of the Midwest Region this weekend.

Looking ahead to their turn to host games at Intrust Bank Arena next year, officials said the main takeaways includes community involvement in a fan fest and improved wifi availability in the arena. The group says it is working with Sedgwick County to make sure there easy wifi access at next year's tournament games at IBA.

Also among the takeaways is a key difference for NCAA Tournament games Intrust Bank Arena will have to adjust for.

"Biggest difference is, inside the building during the NCAA Tournament, there's no alcohol served," says Intrust Bank Arena Assistant General Manager Chris Kibler. "Portables that would normally serve beer or mixed drinks will be turned into quick grab-and-go-sandwich type stands."

Officials are also working on the parking situation near the arena. Kibler says the group is getting its parking and mobility committee together to work on that.


While a lot of us have our eyes on Kansas teams playing this year's NCAA tournament, Wichita officials are focused on next year's tournament.

Round one and two of the 2018 NCAA tournament will be in Wichita at INTRUST Bank Arena.

Officials from Wichita State and the Wichita Sports Commission will be going to some of this year's events to see how they are handled and how they work.

They will be looking at everything from transportation to how teams transition on and off the court, security, hotels and how to work with the media.

Officials say they plan everything down to what's in the players' hotel rooms.

Not only do these cities put a lot into these tournaments for fans and players, but Wichita is also expected to make around $10 million in revenue in return.

City officials say this is the perfect time to show how much Wichita has grown and worked to be able to host one of these big events.