Don't Fall For It

Scammers issue fake parking tickets

Ellsworth police warning of scam involving fake phone call

Saline County grandmother loses more than $17,000 in scam

At least 5 Reno Co. employees fall victim to identity theft

Use caution to avoid NCAA Tournament ticket scams

Reno County Sheriff warns off wildfires scam

New scam asks for donations for Officer Arterburn

FF12: Tips to identify 'fake news' stories

Website gives out personal information for free

BBB warns of 'Can you hear me?' scam

Don't Fall For It: Craigslist auto scam

Wichita police warn about phone scam

Greenwood County Hospital warns about phone scam

Derby police warn public about 'spoofing' scam

FF12 Don't Fall For It: Utility scam hits four Derby businesses

Sedgwick Co. Sheriff warns of scam

Don't Fall For It: FBI scam

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