Don't Fall For It

Dodge City Police: Crooks threaten to murder residents in latest scam

Neighborhood scam targets seniors

Hospital warns of scam targeting residents in Smith County

Westar Energy warns customers of electric-company scammers

FBI warns of 'romance scams' ahead of Valentine's Day

Scam targets power-company customers in W. Kansas

Scam targets people signed up for Do Not Call registry

Criminals put new twist on rental scam

Wichita man warns of radio station spoofing scam

Cowley County Sheriff's Office warns of jury duty scam

CBS: Oprah Winfrey warns about holiday scam using her name

Kansas Association of Chiefs of Police warns of scam targeting Kansans

Don't fall for these viral holiday gift exchange scams on Facebook

Scammer targets businesses in Phillips County

FactFinder 12: Scammers target companies through 'phishing' emails

FF12: Kansas business owner hit by marketing scheme

New twist to jury duty scam circulates Wichita area

Don't Fall For It: Some invalid fair tickets resold

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