Don't Fall For It

Don't Fall For It: Scammer poses as delivery driver

Scammers target people with missing pets

Scammer poses as Comcast employee

Fraudulent international driver's licenses being sold in Wichita

Man falls for scam trying to make online vehicle purchase

Man says he was scammed after looking for deal on high-end cooler

BBB: Scammers use legitimate companies to target job seekers

Ark City PD warns of 'Monster Energy' scam

Business owner falls for scam posing as call from Westar

Two counties warn about jury duty scam

Don't Fall For It: Virtual kidnapping scam

Paul McCartney tickets on sale May 1, don't be fooled by fakes

Don't Fall For It: 'Free trials' can prove to be costly

Don't Fall for It: Fake $50 coupon to Lowe's

Scammers issue fake parking tickets

Ellsworth police warning of scam involving fake phone call

Saline County grandmother loses more than $17,000 in scam

At least 5 Reno Co. employees fall victim to identity theft

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