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DOD 1033 supplies local agencies with military equipment

Police in Ferguson, Mo. and St. Louis County have been accused in a federal lawsuit of using excessive force and falsely arresting innocent bystanders.

FF12: Does Uber's safety compare to its convenience?

Uber is rolling out its app-based ride service in Wichita.

FF12: Safe trailers can save lives

More than a week after a law enforcement officer and his wife were killed in a crash, Great Bend Police are testing parts of the trailer that caused it.

brownback fact check

FF12 checks 2 Brownback political ads

Two ads supporting Governor Sam Brownback are running on your televisions and Eyewitness News is dedicated to helping you make an informed decision at the polls. We checked the ads to see what is fact and what's not.

FactFinder 12 Don't Fall For It

Police warn about phone scammers threatening victims with arrest

Wichita police say some scammers are taking it up a notch when it comes to trying to get your personal information.

26 WPD employees on Brady Giglio status

26 members of the Wichita Police force have violations that could potentially damage their credibility in a court of law. Of the offenses, ten are misdemeanors, two are felonies, seven gave false information, and seven gave false reports.

Sedgwick County Sheriff's Report: June 19-26

Sheriff's Office releases credibilty distinction of eight employees

In order for there to be complete transparency, agencies must disclose information about officers that might cause a concern over their credibility. It's called a Brady/ Giglio distinction.

FactFinder 12 Don't Fall For It

Police warn Wichitans about phone scams

Wichita police are warning of several scams targeting elderly members of our community.

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