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Factfinder 12 gets Wichita to improve traffic lights

The city of Wichita recently made some changes to the traffic lights at Oliver and K-96, and more changes could be on the way.

FF12: Product could stop texting and driving

The pursuit of a solution to texting and driving wasn’t in the plans for engineer and entrepreneur Scott Tibbitts.

Steven Thompson

Arrest documents reveal Wichita teacher had 49,000 child porn photos

The paperwork states Garden City Community College called police after finding a photo on Thompson's work computer they say shows a child being forced to commit a sex act. FF12 Investigator Lauren Seabrook reports.

FF12: Why do we text and drive?

Distracted driving is blamed in 25 percent of all crashes, but experts say the real number is even higher. 

USPS box

Mail stolen in S. Wichita

Several people found that mail they placed in the postal office drop box in front of the Chisholm Post Office near Pawnee and Seneca never reached its destination. 

Man fights for light on dark street in south Wichita

Dennis Clark walks about 100 steps to his mailbox each day, but he makes that hike before the sun goes down for a reason. "The streetlight over here, by the mailboxes, has been out since October of 2015," he said. FF12 Investigator Lauren Seabrook helps him get results.

Western Kansas house fire, Kent Grier (KGFI, Inc.)

FF12: Hidden Hazard

While lightning itself can be destructive to homes, investigators across the country are looking at flexible gas tubing found in millions of homes that could be a major factor in lightning-caused fires. 

Super Bowl ticket scam traced to Kansas

Denver police say a Kansan is using the offer of Super Bowl tickets to scam people out of thousands of dollars.

FactFinder 12 Don't Fall For It

Westar warns of imposter phone calls

Westar Energy is warning customers to be mindful of imposters them and threatening to disconnect service.

FactFinder 12: Helmet Safety

FactFinder 12 Video

Factfinder 12 gets Wichita to improve traffic lights

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