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FactFinder 12: Is census survey a scam?

A man claiming to be from the census bureau asking detailed questions about your finances right your door.

smoker in bar

Smoking ban ignored at some Wichita bars

Factfinder 12 found Wichita bars ignoring the statewide smoking ban.
Five years ago, Kansas went smoke free. Lawmakers passed a statewide ban for restaurants, bars, and workplaces. The passage was a victory for health advocates who explained the dangers of second-hand smoke.

Syrian refugees in Lebanon

Danielle Dellorto/CNN

FF12: Can Kansas legally block Syrian refugees?

Millions of men and women, many moms and dads with small children, are fleeing their country and looking for a place to call home. But Kansas Governor Sam Brownback says they won't find that home on the range.

Factfinder 12 investigates Gov. Brownback's schedule

July 28, 2015. Alaska Governor Bill Walker spent his morning at a local Juneau radio station for a news talk show. Around 10:00 a.m., Georgia Governor Nathan Deal took off for Murray County. He landed at 11:00 a.m., made an announcement, then took off again at noon. Meanwhile, Washington Governor Jay Inslee was busy on the phone. He took some personal time for lunch around noon, then got on a…

Better Business Bureau launches Scam Tracker

Information from Better Business Bureau:

Confidential File: A deeper look

Last October, Wichita's highest-ranking police officer called in a favor for a high-ranking city employee. "She says that she assaulted ... Or she, uhh ... He tried to fight her," said former Deputy Chief John Speer, Wichita Police Department. "She slapped him. He's bleeding from the face."

WPD hasn't fired two officers who were dishonest or have criminal records

It started as a welfare check, but quickly turned into a threatening and hostile situation. "I'm going to blast the first f***ing cop that stands in front of my door," yelled the suspect.

FF12: Internal review findings of WPD confidential file expected soon

It's been six weeks since FactFinder 12 investigators broke the story about a confidential file within the Wichita Police Department. Our questioning prompted the city to open an internal review of the file. Lauren Seabrook reports.

FactFinder 12 Don't Fall For It

Butler County warns of jury duty scam

A FactFinder 12 Don't Fall For It Alert from Butler County. Authorities there say someone is calling residents, mostly in Rose Hill, and claiming that they missed jury duty.

FactFinder 12: Helmet Safety

FactFinder 12 Video

FactFinder 12: Is census survey a scam?

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