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FF12: Stopping political robocalls

One of the worst things about a big election in a key battleground state is not all the negative ads, but unwanted political phone calls.

WSU explains why students weren't notified about campus rape

Within the past two weeks, two incidents at Wichita State University have had students wondering how the school notifies them when there's a potential danger on campus.

FF12: Governor's race too close to call

The space between Governor Sam Brownback and his challenger Paul Davis in the most recent polls is about the same as the space between the two on stage at last Saturday's State Fair debate. It's as close as it gets.

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FF12: Transparency within City of Wichita

We feel if the public safety leader did something that makes the Wichita Police Department question his credibility, the public deserves to know. Our investigators worked hard to get that answer but no one would talk about it.

FF12: Brownback 'welfare' commercial fact check

Two months out from the General Election, commercials for the Governor's race are filling the space between your shows. In Governor Sam Brownback's most recent ad he makes three claims.

FactFinder 12 Don't Fall For It

Don't fall for it: Scammers posing as Westar employees

Westar Energy wants to warn its customers about people posing as employees, trying to collect money.

FF12: Roberts says 'Harry Reid' 20 times in debate

Although Taylor will stay on the ballot, he was absent Saturday. Which meant Senator Pat Roberts faced only Independent challenger Greg Orman on stage. The Incumbent's responses were conservative in nature, but a liberal senator from Nevada quickly took the spotlight.

FF12: Who is Independent Greg Orman?

When Democrat candidate for U.S. Senate Chad Taylor asked to have his name removed from the ballot, eyes around the state and country focused on the Independent, Greg Orman.

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